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Supporting Sustainability In 3rd World Countries

If you are thinking about supporting the development of villages or towns in third world countries, you are not alone. This is an endeavor that many people try to pursue. Those that have money are able to donate the resources in order to make this happen. On the other hand, there are simply good people that want to do their best and need to find financiers to cause this to occur. Here are some tips on supporting developments in third world countries that are in dire need of our help.

Paul has been involved in supporting sustainable farming in Belarus through IODP. The above video shows some of their funds raised being put to good use, with a new tractor, tillage system and high-quality potato seeds.

What Type Of Developments Can You Help With?

Developing 3rd world country is problematic. First of all, these tend to be in remote locations that do not have easy contact to the outside world. They may not have electricity, phone lines, or even running water. They could be in need of shelter and also food. Finding those that will donate money and time to this is also hard to accomplish. In most cases, this money will never be recovered. That’s why finding philanthropists might be the best solution for obtaining the financing needed to start these types of projects.

How Can You Support Them With Money?

Supporting these projects can be done without money if you want to. You can volunteer your time. There are many organizations that are always looking for volunteers. They can also pay you a small stipend for the work that you will be doing. It’s a great way to do your part to help struggling countries. It’s also something that you could put on your resume. If your objective is to do something, and you don’t have the financing to do so, volunteering your help is a great way to begin.

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The development of Third World countries is an objective that many people have. Despite being very difficult and problematic, it can be done. Concerted efforts on the part of multiple people working together is the best way to accomplish this. You may even want to form a group to connect with those that have money and individuals that have the time to help. By doing our part, we can ensure that these less fortunate locations on earth are able to experience life in a much more positive way. You don’t always need financing to achieve this type of objective. All it takes is focus, planning, and a desire to do what is right for those that are in need.